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As promised, here’s are 10 free downloadable resources for you.

1. Tech for Humans: QR Codes 101

2. The Social Mobile Revolution: Earning Trust, Building Loyalty, Growing Engagement
by Aliza Sherman and the Wine Sisterhood

3. Brand Building Questions – help determine your online and offline brand-building path (from the book Mom, Incorporated)

4. Who is Your Target Market? Who is your Competition? Questions to help you better identify your audience and competitors. (from the book Mom, Incorporated)

5. 4 Cheat Sheets from Mom, Incorporated: Creating a suitable home-office workspace; Talking with your family about working from home; How to work with a virtual assistant; Saving space for a productive workspace.(Check out the book Mom, Incorporated)

6. 20 Questions to Ask a Bookkeeper or Accountant before hiring them (from the book Mom, Incorporated)

7. Use Facebook to Invite Your Email Contacts to like your Page 

8. Feature Other Pages on Your Facebook Page

9. Edit and Customize Your Facebook Page Apps

10. Chapter 1 of Social Media Engagement for Dummies – And get the book!

I hope these resources useful. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.


PS – If you are looking to write a book and have questions about the publishing world, book proposals, book deals and book agents, I’m available for a video consultation!

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