What we do

We offer strategic guidance for your digital, social and mobile communications as a virtual team. We help you make a smooth transition from working in an office to telecommuting. Check out our menu of services!Hire Us Today for your virtual work needs.

1. Assess and Plan
[virtual work strategy]

  • Get our deep insights into how you can immediately transition from traditional work models to telecommuting and virtual work – and the processes and budget-friendly software you need to put into place to succeed.

2. Process Development
[work flow documentation ]

  • We develop the documentation and tools you need to roll out your new virtual work policies, best practices, and other guidelines so everyone on your team is on the same page.

3. Team Training
[remote custom training sessions]

  • Let us train your team members – and you – on the right software to achieve your work goals.

4. Content Development
[articles, blog posts, enewsletters]

  • We take the heavy lifting of content off your plate if content development isn’t your core business.

5. Online Events
[in-person training, webinars, teleseminars]

  • Our fearless leader, Aliza Sherman, provides dynamic and forward-thinking digital marketing training for C-level executives, managers and teams from building effective websites to cultivating online community to understanding and optimizing social networks. Bring her to your event, physically or virtually.

6. Virtual Work Coach
[work/life technology coaching]

Bonus: Hire Aliza Sherman for keynotes and workshops

Extra: Need a social media ambassador for your brand? Aliza endorses select products each year, aligning her brand with your brand, and promoting it to her community [with full disclosure]. Inquire to work with Aliza Sherman.