What we do

We offer strategic guidance for your digital, social and mobile marketing. We can manage your day-to-day social media marketing. Check out our menu of services!Hire Us Today for your digital marketing needs.

1. Assess and Plan
[digital marketing strategy]

  • Get our deep insights into how you’re doing in digital marketing – and how you can immediately improve what you’re doing – with social media, mobile, email and web.

2. Capture Attention
[web development, online content develop]

  • Let us help you create an attractive, professional website and then plan for and craft highly targeted, custom-created, multimedia digital storytelling morsels to attract your target market and drive tangible, measurable results.

3. Cultivate Community
[social media community engagement]

  • We provide essential daily support to engage your social networking communities through thoughtful monitoring, managing and responding to the conversations that help you build relationships.

4. Communicate Cross-Platform
[360 degree marketing]

  • We work with you to create 360 degree experiences for your audience across multiple devices and platforms so you are present with them at multiple touch points.

5. Educate and Empower
[in-person training, webinars, teleseminars]

  • Our fearless leader, Aliza Sherman, provides dynamic and forward-thinking digital marketing training for C-level executives, managers and teams from building effective websites to cultivating online community to understanding and optimizing social networks. Bring her to your event, physically or virtually.

6. Get a Grip
[work/life technology and life/career coaching]

Hire Aliza Sherman for keynotes and workshops

Need a social media ambassador for your brand? Aliza endorses select products each year, aligning her brand with your brand, and promoting it to her community [with full disclosure]. Inquire to work with Aliza Sherman.