Mediaegg: Write, Produce, Market

Need Content, Production or Marketing?

What do we do? We help you be more productive through content, production and marketing. Here’s what we can do for you:

💥 Create Content. From website copy to newsletters, e-books, social media messaging, marketing collateral, training manuals, even tag lines, scripts and and song lyrics, we deliver compelling content for any audience and occasion.

💥 Produce Webinars and Podcasts. We can help you set up a webinar, soup to nuts, from setting up the technical backend to conducting pre-webinar tech runs and handling the admin portion behind-the-scenes during your webinar. We can also produce and host podcasts for your company.

💥 Digital Marketing. We can help manage your social media marketing or train your team to run it more efficiently and effectively. We can also facilitate strategic partnerships and reach out to the media, set up interviews, and conduct media training for your team.

💥 Crisis Communications. Got a crisis? Better yet: Want to avoid a communications crisis? Bring us onto your crisis comm team for a rapid-fire assessment of and recommendations for the fluid situation from an outside, unbiased party.

Transitioning from an Office to a Home Office?

We develop work-from-home strategies for companies and organizations that need to transition from an office setting to home office set up.

Even if you’re a distributed company, if the majority of your staff are not telecommuting, there could be a steep learning curve to get up to speed.

We can help you with:

    • Picking the right software
    • Training your team members.
    • Avoiding virtual work pitfalls.
    • Best practices for working from home.
    • Home-based office setups.

We can assess your work and communications flow and recommend the best software products for your virtual work needs that fit your budget.

Mediaegg is run by Aliza Sherman, an award-winning entrepreneur and author who has over 25 years working with corporations and nonprofits on their digital, tech, content and marketing needs.

How can we help you?


  • Fresh, innovative ideas… and the the results surpassed expectations.

    Cassandra Stalzer, Communications Professional

  • Aliza brings a unique systems perspective that understands the interconnectedness of social media tools and she has helped us develop a comprehensive strategy to use them to powerful advantage.

    Diane Wolverton, Cultivator of Community, Connections and Capital in Rural America

  • Outstanding, to the point, results oriented.

    Gale B. Foode, Chairman of the Board, CRCL Fund