Mediaegg: Working Virtually

Need to work virtually? We can help!

We develop digital, social and mobile communications strategies for companies and organizations that need to transition from an office setting to work-from-home scenarios.

Even if you’re a distributed company, if the majority of your staff are not telecommuting, there could be a steep learning curve to get up to speed.

We can assess your work and communications flow and recommend the best software products for your virtual work needs that fit your budget. Specializing in small business communications and virtual work.

What else do we do? We create content and can help you keep up with blog posts, email newsletters, website updates, and social media messaging so you can focus on your business.

We also produce webinars, audio podcasts, and virtual events.

Aliza Sherman has written extensively on virtual work since 2008 including:

— Picking the right software
— Training your team members.
— Avoiding virtual work pitfalls.
— Best practices for working from home.
— Home-based office setups.

And so much more.

How can we help you?


  • Fresh, innovative ideas… and the the results surpassed expectations.

    Cassandra Stalzer, Communications Professional

  • Aliza brings a unique systems perspective that understands the interconnectedness of social media tools and she has helped us develop a comprehensive strategy to use them to powerful advantage.

    Diane Wolverton, Cultivator of Community, Connections and Capital in Rural America

  • Outstanding, to the point, results oriented.

    Gale B. Foode, Chairman of the Board, CRCL Fund